Top Father Daughter Songs for a Wedding Dance

by DJ Shyam on February 18, 2011

Top Father Daughter Songs for a Wedding Dance

Two of the most difficult wedding events to select songs for are the Grand Entrance songs for a wedding and the Father Daughter songs for a wedding Dance. These are two of the most important events in their own ways because of their significance. Here are some ideas to choose the best songs for wedding entrance and father daughter songs for a wedding dance.

Father daughter songs for a wedding dance

Top Wedding entrance songs.

The reason why these songs are so crucial toward the success of your reception is because they are the start of the party! Your wedding reception entrance songs consist of music for the bride and groom to enter to, but also, wedding party entrance songs for the bridesmaids and groomsmen! Since this is the start of your wedding, start it off right with fun, high energy music. If you do not, your guests may think they are in for a long, boring night! This information does not apply to wedding ceremony entrance songs, of course, but only to the wedding entrance songs reception

Father daughter songs for a wedding.

Of course, your first dance will be romantic and amazing, because it’s your very first dance as a married couple. The very next dance will be you dancing with dad. Don’t make the song a dud that everyone has heard a thousand times before. Search for unique father daughter wedding songs, like Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffet and the new It Won’t Be Like This For Long by Darius Rucker. Look to your heritage for ideas too, like Italian father daughter wedding songs, Spanish father daughter wedding songs, Hungarian, Greek, and so on. You can even find step father daughter wedding songs like Angel Wings by Jimmy Loram. This one works for adopted daughters, too.

As you can see, these sometimes musically overlooked events can have a huge impact on how your wedding reception turns out. You will have everyone’s attention for the grand entrance and the father daughter dance so make the songs awesome!

Father daughter for wedding dance

Few parts of the wedding reception get people’s eyes a-misting like the Father-Daughter Dance. The emotional moment — a father twirling his little girl on the dance floor as she prepares to open a new chapter of her life — can be extremely meaningful for both Daddy and daughter, and send everyone in the room reaching for a hanky. Maybe that’s why many brides struggle to find just the right song for the Father-Daughter Dance: Capturing a lifelong, complex and rich relationship in a three-minute melody is no easy task.

In America ( US ), the Father Daughter dance comes just after the first dance of the Bride and Groom. You should also select a very special and memorable song for the occasion. Many Brides select a song which signifies how they feel about their Father or how their Father feels towards their Daughter.

Father Daughter Songs List for a wedding dance

Here are some Father Daughter songs to consider that might be a perfect fit for your Father-Daughter Dance.

1 .Heartland           -I Loved Her First
2 .Mcgraw, Tim         -My Little Girl
3 .Temptations          -My Girl
4 .Carlisle, Bob        -Butterfly Kisses
5 .Armstrong, Louis     -What A Wonderful World
6 .Rascal Flatts        -My Wish
7 .Chapman, Steven Curtis-Cinderella
8 .Sinatra, Frank        -The Way You Look Tonight
9 .Cole, Natalie With Nat King Cole – Unforgettable
10.Simon, Paul         -Father And Daughter
11.Beatles             -In My Life
12.Dion, Celine        -Because You Loved Me (Theme From Up Close And Personal)
13.Wonder, Stevie      -Isn’t She Lovely
14.Rucker, Darius      -It Won’t Be Like This For Long
15.Wicks, Chuck        -Stealing Cinderella
16.Clapton, Eric       -Wonderful Tonight
17.Mayer, John         -Daughters
18.Iz                  -Over The Rainbow
19.Vandross, Luther    -Dance With My Father
20.Martino, Al         -Daddy’s Little Girl
21.Womack, Lee Ann     -I Hope You Dance
22.Joel, Billy         -Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
23.King, Ben E.        -Stand By Me
24.Mccain, Edwin       -Walk With You
25.Tyrell, Steve       -The Way You Look Tonight (From Father Of The Bride)
26.Wainwright Iii, Loudon -Daughter
27.Stewart, Rod        -Have I Told You Lately
28.Taylor, James       -How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
29.Fleetwood Mac       -Landslide
30.Grant, Natalie      -I’ll Always Be Your Baby
31.Hill, Faith         -There You’ll Be
32.Groban, Josh        -You Raise Me Up
33.Cocker, Joe         -You Are So Beautiful
34.Paisley, Brad       -He Didn’t Have To Be
35.Rogers, Kenny       -Through The Years
36.Wonder, Stevie      -You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
37.Mcbride, Martina    -In My Daughter’s Eyes
38.Merchant, Natalie   -Kind & Generous
39.Morrison, Van       -Brown Eyed Girl
40.Stewart, Rod        -Forever Young
41.Adkins, Trace       -Then They Do
42.Dunn, Holly         -Daddy’s Hands
43.Midler, Bette       -Wind Beneath My Wings
44.Morrison, Van       -Into The Mystic
45.Taylor, James       -You’ve Got A Friend
46.Carey, Mariah       -Hero
47.Harris, Mark        -Find Your Wings
48.Chesney, Kenny      -There Goes My Life
49.Swift, Taylor       -The Best Day
50.Adkins, Trace       -You’re Gonna Miss This

Though these father daughter songs for a wedding dance is a bit sappy and overused, it is still sure to bring tears to the eyes of many guests.

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